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    Calculating number of departures, entries and changes

    Yeyner Escobar

      Hello Tableau community, I need help to perform some calculations.

      For example I have a list of people per month; I have for the month of February 2019 there were 862 people, in January of that same year there were 860 people, there is a difference of 2 people. How to show in Tableau those 2 new PersonIDs that were not in the previous month?


      In December of the year 2018 there were 856 people, how do I show that number of people who left those months?,


      From that same amount of PersonID I would like to determine how many departments changed, to be able to select from a month to compare with the previous month:



      I appreciate your help or comments about it .

      I attach a workbook with test data.


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