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    Response for "Get Workbook Revisions" api endpoint

    Gregoriy Markovich

      Hi Tableau Community,


      I'm looking into Rest API  "Get Workbook Revisions" (Reference-Tableau Server REST API - Tableau ).

      There is an example response provided

           <pagination pageNumber="pageNumber" pageSize="page-size" totalAvailable="total-available" /> 
                <revision createdAt="date" revisionNumber="1" isDeleted="false"> <user id="user-id" name="user-name"/> </revision>
                <revision createdAt="date" revisionNumber="2" isDeleted="false"> </revision>
                <revision createdAt="date" revisionNumber="3" isCurrent="true"> <user id="user-id" name="user-name"/> </revision> 


      The revision 2 contains no user information.

      Does anyone know what would be the case for that?