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    Tableau Bridge concern

    Rolan Rodrigues



      I am trying to implement using tableau bridge at my work place (an Insurance firm) to automate the data source (live/extract) refresh, on a regular basis.

      my IT has raised some concerns and they do not seem to nudge.


      Their main concern is that, if they give tableau bridge access to their database (PostgreSQL) stored on company server, there is a potential threat that they could be hacked and sensitive information could be leaked. They say that this is because tableau online request to interact with the database on our server. In allowing tableau to open a window into the database can have security risk.


      I do need help to convince them that tableau bridge is secure, and there is no threat. 

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          Ghouse Shaik

          Hi Rolan,


          Tableau Bridge applies the following security designs:

          • All communication is initiated from behind the on-premises firewall and therefore does not require you to manage additional exceptions.
          • Data in transit, to and from Tableau Bridge, is encrypted.
          • Database credentials are stored on the computer using Windows credentials manager.


          Transmission security

          Data, to and from the Tableau Bridge client, is transmitted by a TLS 1.2 connection.


          For more information, please go through the article Expand Data Freshness Options by Using Tableau Bridge - Tableau


          I hope this helps.