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    Blind SQL Injection Vulnerability in Tableau Server

    Stan Lee

      Hi Sir,

      Would like to seek advice, just yesterday, i got alarmed on being attack on tableau server - i would like to know is there anyway to strengthen my tableau server?

      Message: SERVER-WEBAPP PHPUnit PHP remote code execution attempt (1:45749)


      Hope can advice.



      Thank you,



      Stan Lee

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          Jeff D

          Hi Stan, I'm sure that others will have plenty of ideas, but here are a couple of thoughts:


          1) Check out this article: Security Hardening Checklist - Tableau


          2) Tableau Server does not use php, so you don't have to worry about php attacks, and in fact you can block php traffic to Tableau Server.


          3) Any machine that is on the internet is going to be probed for security holes.  It's important to take this seriously (sounds like you are) but on the other hand you have to expect these attempts (so don't panic).  See the security article mentioned above.

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