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    Slow map on windows server

    Motoyuki Sano

      I'm using Tableau server 2019.1.1 on windows server 2016.


      What is happening is that;

      I click the sheet with a map included with the sample workbook "Superstore" ,

      1. published without any change, it took 30-35 seconds to view the map.

      2. published after background map set to offline, it only took couple of seconds.



      I can access to the "Miami or Havana" map by using IE on the server.

      Can I say proxy settings are OK?  Or do I need to check something else?



      the "mapsBroker" service is down. and can:'t start.

      Is this relate to the issue above?



      How can I restart the entire service(s) without restarting the server itself?

      It looks too many Tableau processes and I have no idea how I can

      handle them (e.g. stopping/starting order ...)



      Does anyone have idea?

      Suggestions and comments are welcome.

      If I need extra information, please let me know

      Thanks in advance.