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    Use LoD to count in different levels

    Nicolás Dussaillant

      Hi everyone,


      I have a doubt about using Level of details to filter some results.

      I have data like the one shown in the image below where I have all the classes in the country in every schools:



      In my workbook there is the column state too. I need to create a table that shows how many schools are in each state according to the selected types of school. I want to use a multiple filter so if the user selects "Primary School" and "Preschool" the table shows how many schools in the state have both "Preschool" and "Primary School" classes.


      I thought this could be done using LoD. That is: counting all the different types of schools selected among the whole country and count how many different schools have the same amount of school types.

      So I think to use 2 calculated fields using LoD:

      1. Total different types of schools in the country (counting just the ones selected)

      2. Total different types for every school in the country.

      Then compare both fields and count how many schools in each state hold this condition.


      I attach my test workbook where I need to try this. Can you help me creating these Level of Detail calculations?