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    Sum values between dinamic Dates considering a "flag"

    Daniela Bistafa



      I'm trying to sum values between two dinamic dates. The "begin date" should be 12 months before the "end date". And the "end date" should be when the "flag" is one (1 means the month closure).


      The first problem is that there are zeros and ones for all months (Table in Excel file), so I use a MAX calculation to consolidate them (Result 1 in Excel file). What I need is to sum the values between the maximum date (where de "MAX Flag" is one), and the minimum date (12 months before the max date).


      I was able to put the values I need on the month rows, but the "total" sum doesn't work (Final Result), because I used LOD and table calculations.


      Any ideas how to do this?


      Thank you verry mutch!