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    Confused LOD -


      Hi All,


      Hope you are well, I am struck with this % calculation it includes a LOD filter.


      Basically the percentage doesnt change as the number does, I am not sure how to resolve this as I need to create a line graph with the percentages


      Any suggestions guys?




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          Ame Tso

          Could you attach the workbook?

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            Hi Ami

            Sorry I just have attached and reposted



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              Ame Tso

              I don't know what's your goal but I assume it's either you need to add the LOD filter to context or the %P/XY1 NEW is not correct

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                The % are not changing they are fixed I need them to change like the numbers

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                  Sean Hurwitz

                  Hello AJ


                  Here's my shot at it:



                  I made one with a fixed LoD, but since the calculation there has a nested calculation already on the proper LoD level then you don't really need another LoD. My last calculation there has no LoD if you can see. This will be more robust since you can aggregate by week, month, quarter etc and it will change in turn.


                  FIXED DATETRUNC('week',[date New]):
                  COUNTD(IF ([LOD P/X Slip NEW])="Yes" 
                  [Basecustomerid] END)}
                  FIXED DATETRUNC('week',[date New]):



                  COUNTD(IF ([LOD P/X Slip NEW])="Yes" 
                  [Basecustomerid] END)
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                    You essentially had the calculation correct, you were ALMOST there. I'll do my best to explain how you were close and the reasoning behind it instead of just giving you the answer. Apologies if I am incorrect or it is confusing.


                    You made two slight errors: 1) You put brackets around your equation instead of parenthesis.  2) You are filtering to only "Yes", so when your calculation is done correctly it still shows everything at 100%. In your %P/XY1 NEW equation you are specifying the LOD P/X Slip NEW as "Yes", so there is no need to add an additional filter for "Yes" for this field. This caused your percentages to show as 100% even when your equation is done correctly. When you remove the filter with the brackets removed, your percentages will show correctly.




                    Should be:




                    Remove the filter and the brackets in your original equation and voila:






                    If this answered your question and helped please mark the answer as correct. Have a great day!



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                      Thank you Ryan That is perfect might I ask what occurs differently when I use brackets instead of parenthesis.



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                        Thanks this worked aswell Great work