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    Tableau Server Cache: Filled as long as possible

    Christian Oppenländer

      Dear community,


      we have a set of reports with very demanding default views (with no caching, some of them load for 90 seconds). Our hardware is strong and could be extended further. The extract refreshes are done on a monthly basis only.


      My goal would be to more or less instantly load the default views for all users along with some very common filter combinations. The current cache setting is on "low", which is the default setting and apparently means that the cache is renewed as rarely as possible (?).


      Some newbie questions here:

      1.) If the extract behind a report is not refreshed, will the cache "time out" and clear at some point (with the mentioned "low" setting)? Or does it stay valid for all users in all sessions? What would trigger a cache refresh?

      2.) When the monthly extract refreshes happen, how can I effectively warm up the cache in the current Tableau Server version, hyper and all? Still through subscriptions?


      Do you maybe have any other tips to maximize cache utilization in the above use-case?


      Thanks a lot!