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    Quick Filter Scenario : To disable month/quarter in filters when user selects year , disable months when user selects quarter


      Hi Community,


      Please refer the screenshot for reference.

      quickfilter scenario.JPG


      As  per the business ,

      1)when  the user selects Year parameter , then the quarter and datefilter will be disabled or month/quarter will not be shown in quarter filter/datefilter  filter. So,the user cannot select any month/quarter. Here, only user can select from year filter

      2)when the user selects Quarterly parameter, then the date filter(month filter) will be disabled or no month will be populated in datefilter filter. So, the user cannot select any month. Only user can select from Year and quarterfilter.


      Could you please help me to implement the logic. I have attached the workbook for your reference and currently using 10.2 version.


      Jim Dehner Could you please go through the scenario and suggest a LOD solution