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    Subscription For Every 5 minutes


      Hi Matt Coles,

      How to create a Tableau subscription for every 5 minutes?


      By default, Tableau provides minimum of 15 minutes interval.

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          Jonathan Drummey



          Since Tableau Server is limited to 15 minute intervals the workaround for this is to create 3 schedules where the 2nd one is offset by 5 minutes and the third one by 10 minutes. Then you'd subscribe the workbook 3 times, and it would get picked up by a different schedule every 5 minutes.



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            Hi Jonathan Drummey,


            Thanks for your response. I have tried the approach which you mentioned. But by default, Tableau gives us to choose 00, 15, 30 and 45 minutes from an hour. How do I manipulate it to 5 and 10 minutes.

            Schedule Setup.png


            Thanks & Regards,


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              Matt Coles

              There is a hacky way to achieve this, actually, that I hammered out for one of our internal consultants a bit ago. The technique is, you edit the VizAlertsConfig workbook so that for a specifically-named "5-minute" schedule set up to run every 15 in Server, you return a custom value for run_next_at in the Custom SQL.


              See attached SQL that you can use (at your own risk, naturally!) to do this for yourself. The code that does this is down on line 58 and looks for a schedule with name like "%5min%test" (you can change this to match your five minute schedule), and if so, it returns a value that will trigger any VizAlert on that schedule at the five minute mark.


              WHEN LOWER(sch.name) LIKE '%5min%test' AND LOWER(sch.name) LIKE '%' || <Parameters.schedule_name_filter> || '%'
                                      date_trunc('hour', now()) + 
                                              interval '5 minutes' *
                                                  CAST(date_part('minute', now()) AS INT) / 5
                                              ) + interval '5 minutes'



              I'll probably create a better post about this, or maybe just bake it into the next version as a standard feature...let me know your thoughts! (you too, Jonathan Drummey and Toby Erkson !)

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                Toby Erkson

                Matt, I don't think it should be a standard feature and here's why:

                1.  VA is not officially supported by Tableau so we are on our own when you [and Jonathan] are gone.  If processes are wrapped around the need to have VA and this 5-min schedule it would not be pretty.  As it stands, a regular data alert could be made into a stand-in (assuming email white-list isn't a factor).

                2.  In my world there are too many users who think they gotta have real-time reporting and over-schedule extracts as it is.  Not only does this give them an out but will also place additional load on the TS and thus will negatively affect other processes.

                3. Imagine the email flood if something bad happens with the data source and nobody is around to fix it!


                Using VA myself I'm aware of what can go wrong when support is gone so I don't heavily promote it where I work.  I love it and it fills a huge gap in TS but without official support I'm cautious and would rather err of the safe side.

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                  Matt Coles

                  Great points, thanks for sharing, Toby.

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                    Jonathan Drummey

                    Thanks for jumping in, Matt! I was sure that Tableau could do 5min schedules out of the box, I was wrong!


                    This is a pretty ingenious hack, I like it! However I’m in agreement w/Toby about not putting this in as a default feature with regards to the potential for misuse. If anything I’d want it to be optional and turned off by default (so the VizAlerts admin would have to turn it on), but even then I’m not sure because we don’t have any fine-grained controls over schedules in Tableau. I’m still waiting for us to have at least site-level permissioning on schedules if not something better than that.