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    Show/Hide Labels depending on userid

    John Barrett

      Using latest version - & online:


      I have a group of Viewers that contribute their data to a common Chart (multi-line) - we union all the data.



      I would like to have all the lines in grey with no label - except for the data line belonging to the logged in Viewer?  They would have tier line in red with a label (details etc)


      I understand we can do 'row filters' using the user-id. Bit this is slightly different where all the rows are present - just the showing/hiding of labels & colouring of lines according to who's viewing the chart.


      Thanks in advance!



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          Michael Gillespie

          Very hard to help without a workbook, John.


          In principle, you'd want a couple of calculated fields to set color and label text.  You'd have to a mechanism to tie the logged in user's Tableau ID to a specific subset of the data, though, so that you can determine what to do if the username matches the data.  Can you build a relationship somehow between the data behind each line and a set of users?


          I don't think it's impossible, but hard to give you much guidance without knowing what your data looks like.

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            John Barrett

            Thanks Michael,


            Yes we will have be adding the user ids to the data before it get's imported into tableau  - so confident we will have a link to work with.


            Point taken about no workbook