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    Round Funtion - change decimal separator to German format (comma)

    Gayatri Asopa


      Does anyone know how to change the decimal separator for the round funtion to german format (comma).

      As per Tableau, for round function the decimal separator is dot (.).
      I have changed my locale to German.
      All the other number formats appear with decimal separator as comma(,) but it is not applied to the round function.


      From the above image, I would like to have my number appear as 3,1 instead of 3.1.

      Since I need to implement different number format for a list of measure values ( few to be in %, few as whole number and few as decimal numver),
      I am using calculated field for displaying the measure values in customized number format.
      so that is why the option os right clicking and using format does not apply in my case.


      Any input or idea will be appreciated.
      Thank you.