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    Data Source differ Tableau Online vs Tableau Desktop


      We have a cloud hosted data warehouse and white listed the Tableau Online IP's to allow for connections directly from Tableau Online to our data warehouse.  When connecting from Tableau Online I would use an internet facing URL that we've published (example mydata1234.hostingprovider.com). At the same time we've set up a VPN from our offices to our cloud hosted data warehouse and I would connect through the VPN to a 10.10.x.x IP when using Tableau Desktop.


      So, in Tableau Online my Data Source connection would be set up to connect to mydata1234.hostingprovider.com

      and in Tableau Desktop my Data Source connection would be set up to connect to 10.10.x.x...


      A problem that I'm running into is that if I create a Workbook using Tableau Online and then try and open the same Workbook using Tableau Desktop (or visa versa), the credentials would fail. 


      How do others handle this problem, which I guess is probably fairly common for teams with on-premise databases?  For example. how do I publish Data Sources from Tableau Desktop to Tableau Online given this problem?