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    Add/update Excel sheet datasource through REST API

    Raj Kumar

      Hello, I'm new to tableau and trying to add/update data source through REST API.

      I have a workbook which has an excel sheet as data source. I need to update the sheet's content on daily basis. My program will be responsible for creating the excel sheet and updating it on tableau online. Is is possible to do it in tableau online ?


      I went through the doc:  Reference-Tableau Server REST API - Tableau but it says

      if the data source is based on an Excel spreadsheet, you typically publish a packaged data source (.tdsx file) that contains all the components for that data source


      how can I convert my excel file to .tdsx considering I don't have tableau desktop ?



      Another method I tried was to use google drive, where I would establish the connection first and then update the data at google drive itself. But whenever I try to select a file from google drive, an error occures:


      Browser Processing Error

      An error occurred processing the server response.


      Any help would be really appreciated.