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    Update Tableau Server subscriptions (e.g. monthly date range)

    Lucie Brett

      Hi everyone,


      General Tableau Server question around subscriptions (we're on v10.5.1), if I have a dashboard where I want to change subscriptions on a monthly basis to update the date filters (unable to make the dates dynamic unfortunately). Should I be able to simply update the view (I have created a series of views for different teams to show the current month's data and send a daily subscription) and then the subscription to that same named view will still run?


      I have done some testing today and despite the view showing the correct date range (I've gone between default and back to my created view to check that it updates from March to April), the hourly subscriptions are still sending March rather than April i.e. the previous view before I made the change today.


      Does anyone know if in order to update the subscription, I would need to create a new view and new subscription?


      Any advice appreciated on this, I haven't used subscriptions/views myself much.