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    Need to send email to multiple users

    Amy Garcia

      I have a request to send email to multiple users but when I set them up to the subscriptions I get a error message stating:


      The following errors were encountered trying to process your








      General errors:




      You must be the owner of the workbook in order to use Advanced Alerts.




      Subscriber 59633 to advanced alert subscription_id 450 is not the owner,




      Alert Information:




      View URL: [workbook link]


      Subscriber: 59633


      View Owner: StrikeAdminAG


      Site Id: Default


      Project: DW Test


      Is it not possible as the owner to set up alerts for other users? Any feedback will be helpful.



      Amy G.

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          Matt Coles

          Advanced Alerts (those using the Email * / SMS * fields) are designed to be push alerts. That means that you will define your recipients in the alert logic, and the emails will be driven from your own subscription. You will need to define the intended recipients in either the Email To field as a delimited list (e.g., "mcoles@tabloid.com, agarcia@wherever.com, serveradmins@wherever.com") or as separate records/marks in your data:



          Email To


          To learn more, I'd recommend this portion of the User Guide, or for a short intro, this portion of my TC18 presentation.

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            Amy Garcia

            Ok so this is slowly making more sense to me. I was able to get this work but I noticed in my exports that some rows are being duplicated in the csv file. Did I do something wrong? Also, I am getting the "Email" columns in the export.



            let me clarify looks like if I have 2 measures it is creating a new line is the number if they are different.


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              Matt Coles

              That's expected. If you are using the VIZ_CSV() content reference in your Email Attachment field, then it will default to attaching the summary data from the viz that your alert is defined within (in the documentation, we call that the "trigger view"). The summary data will of course contain all the fields that you are using to define your VizAlert with, because the summary data of any viz will include all fields from a shelf that defines the level of detail for that viz (Rows, Columns, Details, Color, etc). And if any of those values differ from each other, there will by necessity be new rows in the summary data--because the level of detail has been increased.


              If you wish to attach data that you can more tightly control, you will need to specifically reference the viz data you want in between the parentheses of your content reference, e.g. VIZ_CSV(myotherworkbook/sheet1). That sheet would be referenced by the trigger view that your actual alert is based on. Read more about content references here.

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                Jonathan Drummey

                Hi Amy,


                One other bit to what Matt wrote. In addition to what Matt wrote about the viz level of detail there’s another reason for duplicating rows and that’s using Measure Names/Values. Here’s why: Tableau’s VizQL technology has two major parts: the first part takes the pills in the view and translates that into the query/ies to the data source, then the second part takes the query results and runs them through what is called the “visual interpreter” that restructures the results to be most useful to the layout of the viz. When we use Measure Names/Values then Tableau duplicates the query results for each measure so we can have a row for each mark in the view. The other common source of duplicated rows in the exported data is when we have multiple continuous (green) pills on Columns or Rows. In that case Tableau is generating a separate Marks card & marks for each continuous pill and it again replicates the data so there is a row for each mark.


                The general workaround for this for views that we want to export as data is to create a view with all discrete (blue) pills on Rows, and in VizAlerts as Matt indicated we’d then use a content reference to refer to that view.



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