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    Tableau Prep locking up and spiking CPU usage?

    Clayton Chapman

      I've been using Prep over the last couple of days, but this program seems more trouble than its worth.


      I'm on 2019.1.3, I'm using a table with 29K rows and 12 columns. All I'm trying to do is just manipulate it with cleans and a couple of joins here and there. Nothing I'm doing seems all that taxing, I can do it in desktop or in SQL just fine with zero issue. But doing it in Prep I run into the same problem. I open the connection, start working with my data, and then suddenly nothing loads anymore. If I open up task manager I can see that my CPU usage is close to 100% and my memory usage is spiking up in the 60% range (I have 32gb). This is a developer computer at my company so the required specs are for sure met. Even if I click out of looking at any one step it remains just as high, and results in me having to force stop the program.


      Just wondering if anyone else is having the same issue with Prep? Seems to be an issue with the OpenJDK Platform binary.


      I've seen a few posts a long time ago talking about this, but it doesn't seem like Tableau has figured out a fix for this.


      What's even doubly annoying is that force closing and reopening results in me having to re-enter in my credentials on the data sources, which seems like such an obvious oversight. I'm kinda at my wits end here, doesn't seem like this thing is really worth the price/hassle honestly.