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    VLookup alternative ... but in a different data source

    Khoma Usire



      I've seen many VLOOKUP alternatives, but none of them seem to be solving my particular problem:


      I have a dashboard where we compare planned vs real variables and user sets the time period and product in question.

      User's settings make the planned variable reach a certain amount, and that amount should be looked up in a different data source to find corresponding values.


      In practice:

      • the user wants to view Week 10, Product 2
      • that gives the total of 109 Planned units (rounding down to 100)
      • i'd like Tableau to look up this row in another data source then:


      Planned VariableFrequency 1Frequency 2


      • And ideally the numbers 40 and 21 will be returned


      Is there a way to do that?


      Thanks a bunch