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    Run Rate on Tableau

    Vadim K


      I need to create a run rate on Tableau till end of the month based on avg of last 4 weeks.

      The run rate should be for SaaS product which is a bit tricky and I'm having troubles with creating the run rate.


      Basically I have a measure which called yesterday's recognised revenues which is some kind of running sum - everyday will be better than the day before.

      In addition, I have a measure that is the difference between each day of  recognised revenue (for example yesterday 1000, today 1010 so it's 10, tomorrow it will be 1033 so the diff will be 23 and so one)

      on this measure I have an avg of last 4 weeks (avg of all daily differences).

      In addition I created a measure of days left till end of month.

      with these 3 measures I need to create a run rate which will basically always take yesterday actual data and add the avg 4 weeks of daily diff and for this measure I'll always to the same until the EOM.


      Can you please assist?