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    Product function (Excel) on Tableau, and Time series analysis

    Ben K

      Hello All,


      Was working and got stucked on calculating some time sierial analysis, which is using PRODUCT function (Excel).

      Since Tableau doesn't offers the PRODUCT function (multiplying values), I have refered the fomula " Running Product = EXP(RUNNING_SUM(LN(SUM([Data1]))))" from Running Product by Alex.


      I prepped some sample on Excel which the blue columns are given, Orange columns I calculated on Tableau, Yellow columns are my goal to calculate.


      What I am trying to calculate is to calculate yellow columns by multiplying the values of Maintain% (1-Churn%) inside of each TERM (yearly).

      And I got stucked on calculating yellow columns and Tableau says "Argument to SUM (an aggregate function) is already an aggregate, and can not be futher aggregate",

      which means I already created CHURN% as SUM(LEFT)/SUM(EXIST) and MAINTAIN% as 1-[CHURN%] and they are AGG(CHURN%) and AGG(MAINTAIN%) already.


      So, How can I use PRODUCT function in this circumstance and figure out yellow columns? Please help.

      I attached both Excel file and Tbwx file below so please refer.