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    Count Number of IDs in a State

    Sanjay Sinvhal


      My Tableau dataset is in excel.

      It has an ID field and US States field 'State'. ID is nothing but Serial Nos so Numeric. State is Text field

      I need to count and display the No of IDs in each state on USA Map.

      Eg NJ has 23 IDs

      What field I create and what scripts I write. Please help

      Thanks in advance

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          Naveen B

          Hi Sanjay,


          Create a calculated field called COUNTD(ID)

          Then drag this field to text on the map


          Hope this helps

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          If it didn't help attach a workbook along with the expected O/P to help you further




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            Jim Dehner

            There are several ways to do this

            Just put state on the canvas (drag it there) and it will create a map

                      then do something like this




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