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    Looking for Toronto-based Tableau Expert for Contract Work

    Matthew Scheffel



      I have read the community guidelines and do not believe that this message constitutes spam as I am not advertising a service or product, rather I'm looking for one. Apologizes if the moderators disagree, I'm acting in good faith!


      We are looking for a Toronto-based Tableau expert that has a side expertise in data analytics (via Python, R, etc.) to analyze + visualize a large data set of tick data from a financial market. We have hypothesis of patterns that may exist in this data, but we'd appreciate someone who could mine insight beyond our suggestions.


      The data is stored on AWS in an RDS Aurora instance. Our Tableau is also on AWS. We are located in the financial district. We keep our Tableau software current: Desktop and Server @ 2019.1


      We essentially have a haystack of data, and we want to find things in that haystack. We don't honestly know precisely what those things are, which is a frustrating task. We're looking to pair our market expertise with your data expertise. We're pretty good with Tableau, but this seems like a time consuming project and we'd rather bring in outside help that we can learn from.