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    Tableau Desktop and Server (core) licence expiry impact


      Hi Tableau community,

      curious if anyone knows about following or have experienced with;


      1. What is impact if someone's Tableau desktop licence expires and user fail to renew?  Does Tableau desktop stop working after expiry date or only maintenance can't be taken but software continue working?

      2. What is impact if we fail to renew Server cores licences in time?  will servers stop working?


      looking for some guidance here.



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          Mark McGhee

          Hi Syed,

          So this reply will be a bit in reverse order.  If you bring "Manage Product Keys" window there would actually be two fields, "License Expires" and "Maintenance Expires".    Typically for core licensing the "License Expires" field would simply say "Permanent" and the "Maintenance Expires" would have an actual date.  For this scenario, the software is owned outright and you could actually run the version you're on for some time.   If the "Maintenance Expires" window runs past expiration, nothing would happen, the server should still function but you'd be limited to upgrade to any higher version that was released in that date range leading up to when it expired. 


          All that said, if the "License Expires" field does have an actual date, you want to pay close attention because if that goes beyond a certain date the Tableau Server processes would become "unlicensed".  This scenario would more likely play out if someone had a Subscription model where things are time based.   If you find yourself running out of time and you think there's risk of going beyond that timeframe, would strongly recommend working with your Tableau Account Manager.   They *might* be able to provide a temporary key to buy more time if for example an invoice is tied up in the Purchasing department.

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            SYED REHMAN

            This is excellent info – thanks a lot.

            I checked both Server and Desktop licences I have, Licence Expires=Permanent.


            So at least it will keep on working, but you said for some time? Is there any limit for how long a user can continue using that without upgrading?


            Also, in case of any issues using same version, does tableau support provide support on maintenance expired keys?



            Syed Rehman

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              Mark McGhee

              Hi Syed,


              Ultimately all versions of Tableau Desktop/Server will reach end of life.   We have the versions/dates at the following site:


              Support Services | Tableau Software

              (NOTE:   Scroll down to supported versions section)


              In regards to having access to the Tableau technical support team, it does require maintenance be current:


              Product Renewal FAQs | Tableau Software


              Perpetual Licenses & Maintenance

              If your Tableau licenses are perpetual, you may continue to use the product in perpetuity after your maintenance expires. You can continue to use the last available version while your maintenance was active indefinitely; but access to product upgrades and technical support will not be available without a current maintenance contract. If you opt not to renew, please keep a copy of the Software as Tableau will not guarantee supporting the download in perpetuity. 



              Though we do have forums/kbs/webinars/user groups etc that would still be available if maintenance expires