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    RoundTower Event 3/1 @ Bru Burger

    Brent Edwards

      Gang we will be having an event at Bru Burger on 3/21 starting around 11:30.  You are all welcome to attend and it will be focused on the IT community.  It's a bit of a social event just focused on saying thanks to our local customers, we will have a short presentation on VMware and some of the interesting features and capabilities, then followed by watching NCAA games as it's day 1 of March Madness.


      Nearly all of my customers are talking about data, and spending time and resources figuring out how to make better business decisions.  As a data focused group I'm sure you will enjoy the conversations and wanted to extend the invite in case you are interested.  You can register at the below link

      RoundTower March Madness


      Brent Edwards