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    How to control WDC url history?

    Chris Redekop

      I have written a new WDC, and everything works nicely, however as part of my authentication process I redirect the browser to an external site (login page), and then after login the user is redirected back to the WDC, but with a couple extra query parameters on the URL.  Tableau is detecting this new url and adding it to the history of "recent" WDCs, but I dont really want the user to see this ugly url - this is what I see in the log file: Updating url history item. Item Url: 'http://whatever.com/wdc?lotsofcrypticqueryparams'.  Is there any way I can tell tableau to ignore this new url so the user doesn't see it?

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          Hello Chris,


          Have you had any success with hiding this URL? Also, just to be sure I am understanding correctly, can a screenshot of the where these "recent" WDCs and these URLs are being displayed?



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            Chris Redekop

            Yes, I have figured out something that works - I have a server-based redirect that rewrites the query string into the hash (so for example http://foo.com?p1=v1 becomes http://foo.com#p1=v1)...tableau does not see differences in the hash as being a different url so it keeps my primary connector url.  It's kinda ugly, and I'd think there must be a better way (since every connector that uses oauth2 authcode grant would encounter this), but it works. The "recent WDCs" list I was referring to is just the bottom half of the main WDC dialog, in tableau desktop....see the attached screenshot which shows tableau recording/displaying the transitional oauth urls, which are both ugly and misleading - if the user was click on one of those on a subsequent visit they would likely just get an error.  But as I said, it's all good...I've got a working solution.