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    Actions Without 'Detail' Button Dis-aggregating Measures

    Nathan Jones

      I'm trying to create a basic dashboard with an action that filters on a series of measures.  I've recreated a superstore dashboard to showcase my problem.


      What I would like to do is create a crosstab that, when clicked, triggers a 'select' action that filters the bar chart down by both Segment and Category, but I do not want Category to display in the crosstab.  As such, I've added the Category pill to the Detail level.


      I've created that action, and it works fine, except that it dis-aggregates my profit column into profit by each category:




      Ultimately, I understand that this is the function of the Detail feature, but I am wondering if there's any possible way to make there only be one profit value here, while still retaining the action that filters down by Category.


      If I remove Category from 'Detail', the Crosstab looks exactly as I'd like, but the action doesn't work because it says, 'Missing Fields On Crosstab'.  But if I add Category to the actual crosstab, it provides too much granularity.


      Put another way, is there any other way outside of dragging Category to the 'Detail' tab to get rid of the 'Missing Fields On Crosstab' error in the Action dialog?


      I have attached a workbook with the reproduced example above.  Thanks!