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    Shutdown logic at end of multitable getData phase

    Michael Farrow

      I would like to send a message back to my web server at the end of the Tableau WDC process in order to clean up some temporary files created when returning data in the gather data phase.    I tried putting a call in a custom shutdown function as shown in the reference, https://community.tableau.com/external-link.jspa?url=https%3A%2F%2Ftableau.github.io%2Fwebdataconnector%2Fdocs%2Fwdc_cus…


      However, when I set the WDC up for a multitable call I noticed the custom shutdown runs when gathering the data from each table.  The reference says there's no deterministic order used to get data for multiple tables, but would there be any way to indicate when the last table has reached run the gather data phase so it can pass the completed message back to the web server?