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    Using the Selection Tool as a filter

    Ben Paulos

      I am creating maps using the current version of Tableau Public, and would like to use the Selection Tool to let the users select certain data points.


      Then I would like the selection to:


      1)  Display a summary of the selected data points in a way that I can control, just like I can control the Tooltip


      2)  Trigger changes in accompanying charts, just like a filter does.


      For example, here is a dashboard I made that features a map and accompanying charts.


      Here is the Selection Tool:



      I can use the Selection Tool to select points on the map, but the only summary I get is a grey box that lists the number of points selected and a single aspect of the selected points. The grey box sits on top of the Tooltip box, depending on which of the selected data points is touched by the cursor.


      I don't know how to control which aspect of the selected points gets summarized, or how it gets summarized, or how to change the format of the summary.  I want it to look like a Tooltip box, and to control how the selected data is summarized.




      Then I want the selected points to trigger changes in the charts, just like the filters do on this dashboard.  Instead, there is no change at all in the charts, and no way (that I can see) of designating the Selection Tool to act as a filter.


      Are these features that Tableau Public can do?  Any guidance would be appreciated.


      - Ben Paulos