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    VizAlerts not working,can any one help

    Pooja Sarnaik


      I have previously  not worked on tableau server,so don't have much knowledge about it..I am trying to use vizAlerts... And completed all the step of installation as per install guide... After creating vizalert schedule, I am running the vizalerts.exe file... I have created calculated field naming Email Action... But vizAlerts functions are not working... Also I am not able to indentify the issue... Can any one provide more info about it


      I had post this question on " jonathan drummey's " youtube channel


      Questions posted on youtube channel

      1) Have you successfully run the test alerts?

      Ans-We have tried testing it, but we have not received any mails


      2) Have you created a trigger view with the Email Action field in the view?

      Ans- Yes,we have created trigger view by creating calculated field naming "Email Action"


      3) Have you subscribed the trigger view to one of the VizAlerts schedule(s) you added as part of the installation?

      Ans- As per install guide ,I have created new schedule for subscription naming "VizAlert 15 mins", and subscribed the view for this alert


      4) Can you share a screenshot of the VizAlertsConfig view in your environment?



      5) What is exactly happening when you run vizalerts.exe? Is it simply failing to pick up any alerts, is it failing with an error, or something else?

      Ans- When we run the vizalerts.exe ,the command prompt exits within few seconds,we are not able to identify the error ,I have attached its image






      Let me know, how can i proceed with vizalerts.

      Your help will be appreciated.






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