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    Dallas Metroplex TUG - March 19, 4-6 pm

    PJ Hoke

      join us for the DFW Tableau User Group meeting on Tuesday, March 19th. This is
      an opportunity for you to connect with your local Tableau Community. You'll
      have the chance to share best practices, connect with others, and learn new
      approaches to Tableau with other users in your area. We are excited to have IBM
      Watson Health speaking at our TUG.


      Register at: https://splashthat.com/sites/view/dallastableauusergroupmar19.splashthat.com



      Self Service BI: Customized User Experience using Dynamic Parameters in Tableau



      Empower your
      users with analytical developer capabilities and experience while reducing

      ad-hoc workloads and IT requests.  Tableau is the ultimate tool for
      exploring and visualizing your data, but often times you’ll find that it takes
      a few iterations to make everyone happy.  You think you have all relevant
      metrics and who would ever question the best looking bar chart? It happens.
      So why not give your users the ability to customize and create different
      variations of the dashboard on the fly and all in one go?  Renowned TC
      speaker Brad Wheeler will show you how this is all possible using dynamic
      parameters, show/hide filters, and sheet swaps.



      Eman Alvani currently serves as Data
      Scientist for IBM Watson Health, focused on envisioning analytics of client
      data in the areas of Patient Engagement and Care Management. Eman has been with
      IBM for over three years and works within the technical team primarily focused
      on analysis utilizing Tableau as well as cross-segment opportunities. Eman is a
      certified Tableau Desktop Specialist, received his MBA from Pepperdine
      University, and holds a Bachelor’s from SMU.


      Brad Wheeler has over 10 years
      of experience in Business Intelligence and 5 years working with Tableau. Brad
      recently served as VP of Analytics at IBM Watson Health and recently
      transitioned to Senior Director of Business Intelligence at OmniSYS, a healthcare
      technology company. He has implemented multiple full-service Tableau solutions
      from the ground up, transforming enterprise reporting platforms from legacy
      Excel reports to online, real time, interactive dashboards.


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