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    Centrally managed Tableau bridge setup


      Hi Tableau community


      I need help on how to create the "best" Tableau bridge setup.


      Ideally, i would like a desktop PC running all the bridging of data, where I could "manage" the refreshes from my laptop if anything goes wrong.


      Running all refreshes from the desktop PC is not an issue, however can i "manage" all the bridge work from my laptop ?


      Let me know if it doesn't make sense.







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          Michael Gillespie

          Not entirely sure what mean by "manage", Nikolaj.


          You manage extract schedules from Online via a web browser.  That's also where you control which specific Bridge client is running a specific extract refresh.


          But if you want to manage Bridge, you have to do that from the machine that Bridge is installed on.  You can do that via RDP, or Citrix, or some other remote access application, but you can't manage a remote Bridge client directly from a different machine.


          You may also run into performance and resource contention issues if you use a single instance of Bridge to manage a significant number of refreshes.


          And lastly, if you have a mix of Live and Refresh data connections to Online, you'll need at least 2 instances of Bridge.

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            Thank you for answering Michael. Definitely helpful, despite it was not the answer I was hoping for :-)


            Manage is probably a bad word for it, but what I mean is basically if something goes wrong, I want to be able to fix it from my laptop. But as i can see that is not a possibility. The remote access application might be the option.


            What is det difference between refresh data and live data connections? We only have extracts. Is that what you refer to as being “refresh data”?


            Thank you again Michael.

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              Sasha Hanna

              Hi Nikolaj,

              To answer your follow up questions, refreshing your data is required when you are working with extracts. That is because they are snapshots of the data in a point in time whereas live connections will be your databases which reflect changes in real-time.



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