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    [Tabpy] How can put the whole datasets as a single arg input in Tabpy?

    Yunlong Wei

      In python, I have a function that return the regression coefficents after I put a datasets with X variables and y variable as input parameter.


      Something looks like below:


      def myFun(data):

           X = data[1:]

           y = data[:0]

           reg = LinearRegression().fit(X, y)



           return  reg.coeff


      Since I have multiple X variables, my question would be for TabPy, can it take a single _arg1 as the whole datasets, or the input args must be separated by single column in that datasets.


      For example, the datasets shape is 10000* 69, and there are 68 X variables, and 1 y variable. In this case for TabPy, do I have to put like _arg1, _arg2.... , _arg68, _arg69, in my function, instead of using one called 'data'?


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