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    multiple instances of Hyper Server

    Ed Bilek

      I hope this is the correct location for this question/issue...


      I have 14 .hyper files that I need to create and post to the server each morning.

      I have a Python script 'HyperCreator.py' that contains the methods to create the files.

      I have 14 other Python files that each call 'HyperCreator.py'.

      When I run the 14 scripts one-at-a-time everything runs as intended (14 hyper files are created and posted) - but it takes 4 hours to complete.

      When I try to run parallels (to save hours), the Hyper Server does not start a new/second instance (so whichever file was started first, finishes, but the later calls error out).


      I had the same basic process running perfectly creating 14 .tde files at the same time.  When we upgraded to 2018.1, we converted to .hyper files.

      I am running python 2.7.

      I have attached the HyperCreator, the tdeCreator and one example of how the Creator is called (as text files).

      As far as I can tell, the issue happens at line 224 of HyperCreator.

           hyper_file = Extract(file_name)


      I'm wondering if I need a different import statement that initializes a new instance of Extract (instead of: from tableausdk.HyperExtract import * )?

      In my initial tdeCreator I used the statement: import dataextract as tde


      I am relatively new to Python, so I am grateful for any help.