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    Does tableau server client work on Tableau Public?

    Mukund Kumar

      Hello All,

      I am new to Tableau. Currently working on a requirement where it is required to query a Tableau dashboard from my application.


      The query may simple business questions like what is Total Revenue or How many orders pending e.t.c.A dashboard will all these KPIs and other calculations are already built. My application should be able to communicate with this dashboard and fetch the required information.


      My research suggests that Tableau server client (TSC)/ Tableau REST API would be helpful. My application is also written in python making TSC better choice.


      To begin with I have registered myself on Tableau Public, uploaded a workbook and trying this TSC sample.


      import tableauserverclient as TSC
      tableau_auth = TSC.TableauAuth('USERNAME', 'PASSWORD')
      server = TSC.Server('https://public.tableau.com/s/')
          print("LoggedIN successfully")


      I am getting this error

      ParseError: not well-formed (invalid token): line 8, column 93  


      I need help on the following points

      • TSC works only for Tableau server or it works for Tableau Public as well?
      • If yes then what is server address in case of Tableau Public?


      Any help will be appreciated.


      Thanks and Regards,


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          Vanya Tucherov

          Presently, Tableau Public does not support external service connections. We'd like to be able to extend to both Tableau Online and Tableau Public, but at present are working on things our users have indicated are more immediately pressing.


          Sorry to be the bearer of less than good news,


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            Mukund Kumar

            Thanks!  Vanya

            After so much I concluded the same. But your reply confirmed my conclusion.


            Now trying with Tableau Server Trial version.




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              Ryan Fraser

              Hi Vanya,


              Thanks for the confirmation. I have been using Tableau Server with External Services for a while now and find it extremely useful. Our company cannot change to Tableau Online because of this feature being missing from Tableau Online / Public.


              Do you know if there is this is still in serious consideration? And when it may become priority? I tried to find an idea to vote on (since our users find other things more immediately pressing) but couldn't see anything. I also noticed there might be similar ideas being split because some people refer to external services, others refer to TabPy / Rserve.


              Could you please direct me to an idea I can vote on to support the need for this feature in Online / Public.


              Kind regards,


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                Vanya Tucherov

                Hi, Ryan,


                I want to be able to assure you that we very much want to be able to extend External Services to Tableau Online.
                But that comes with a very big set of caveats which I'll touch upon which may give you some idea why I can't even begin to speculate about when it might happen.


                First, right now, Tableau Server supports one external service per instance. In a shared-tenancy environment like Tableau Online, one instance may host many sites, so this will require some architecture and fundamental changes which would likely fall beyond the purlieu of the External Services team.


                Secondly, even once that limitation can be resolved, there are the questions of who hosts it and how that external service is managed. There are at least two distinctly different options here - either Tableau hosts it alongside the Online environments, or it's hosted on the client side, much as it would be with an on-premises Tableau Server instance. There are pros and cons to both - a Tableau-hosted solution could easily be deployed with a baseline configuration, but what happens in the instances where people want to do their own multi-variate regressions, or sentiment analysis, or any one of a number of things which may have dependencies on additional packages; or having it on the client-side, where individual users had that sort of granular control over what packages were on their external services server, but doing so would make the configuration of the service and Online a much more involved and intricate matter.


                Then there are security concerns. With whichever option, or some hybrid variant thereof which might be proposed as a potentially viable solution. Everyone would want to be as certain as humanly and computationally possible that all data transmitted was absolutely secure.


                I wish we had good, ready-to-implement solutions for all of these issues.But any attempt to put them in a timeframe and set a reasonable expectation would be irresponsible and premature. We're committed to delivering products which will provide maximum utility and at the quality you should expect and which we want to deliver, and right now, those don't exist for enabling External Services with Tableau Online. For the foreseeable future - at least from my perspective, speaking as a member of the team working on External Services, and explicitly not as the de facto voice of Tableau - an on-premises Tableau Server installation which you/your company can control and administer, with the freedom to add whatever packages you want or need as you discover them and the ability to secure via SSL would be the way to proceed.


                As for what idea to upvote, I honestly don't know. It'll take some investigation on my end to find likely candidates. I'll see what looks best.




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                  Ryan Fraser

                  Hi Vanya,


                  Thanks a lot for your response. I really appreciate you coming back to me

                  with such a detailed explanation as to why this is so difficult. I didn't

                  realize there are so many factors to consider but I hope you manage to

                  solve these issues. I've used shinyapps.io to host my analytics

                  applications and they work well. However, development time and ease of use

                  is much better in Tableau.


                  From my point of view it would be better if Tableau hosted the environment

                  to keep the ease of implementation. Personally, I wouldn't mind using the

                  default packages in say the Anaconda deployment. I agree there are some

                  special cases where you want to install your own packages but having

                  something it better than nothing.


                  I also believe you will be amazed with what people come up with if you

                  allow this in Tableau Public. The community might start developing Tableau

                  as a Professional Advanced Analytics environment.


                  Thanks again for your response. I'll keep my fingers crossed that this

                  happens at some point.


                  Kind regards,



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