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    Deployment on Tableau Server instance of TabPy

    Steven Myers

      We have a small group of devs that have been learning to use TabPy with our Desktop installations but are now ready to deploy some workbooks on Tableau Server. Is there a deployment guide explicitly for setting up TabPy on a Windows Server that our Tableau Server can utilize?

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          Vanya Tucherov

          Hi, Steven,


          Yes, there are. Depending on what version of Server you're running, the process will be slightly different.

          If you're in 2018.2, take a look at this: External Services Connection .
          If you've updated to 2019.1, and running TSM-based Server, this article will be of more utility: tsm security - Tableau .


          In the latter case, here's an outline of the server commands to get things started.:|
          tsm security vizql-extsvc-ssl enable  --connection-type "tabpy" --extsvc-host "<your Tableau server name or address>" --extsvc-port "<port number on which it is listening: 9004 is the default" --connect-timeout-ms "1500" --script-disabled "true"
          tsm configuration set -k vizqlserver.script.disabled -v true


          Hope this helps. If you need anything else, don't hesitate to ask.



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