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    Adding secondary dataset to display study data

    Scott Macdonald

      Hi everyone,


      Let me first say that I'm super grateful for this community. As I navigate the complexities of Tableau, I am blown away by all of the talented viz developers who I have learned from so THANK YOU!


      I am attempting to add a second dataset to the below viz. You can also check it out here.https://public.tableau.com/static/images/am/amniocityocyvscontrol/Dashboard1/1.pngSo each bubble represents a childbirth outcome using a specific intervention. In this case the intervention is amniotomy plus ocytocin (combination of rupturing of the membrane and administering the hormone ocytocin to help induce labor). There a studies associated with each bubble and in some instances up to 6 studies. What I'm trying to do is to add the study data (Author, Year, Name of study, pubmed review link and number of participants) to the tooltip. Can someone give me some assistance in how to accomplish this? Here's the dataset associated with this viz. Thanks everyone!



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          Jim Dehner


          I downloaded and looked at the workbook on Public - the data doesn't come with it so I can't tell how you would join it to your file

          I have a question - was this an example used on a blog or in a training session?

          I ask because I worked on this data for another poster a couple of weeks ago

          If it is a training example you might want to go to the source to see the data structure




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            Scott Macdonald

            Hi Jim,


            Thanks for the message Jim. Actually I had also posted the original example using the same data under a different account (Shelley Cobb). I had to create this account after I couldn't reset the password of the other account. :/


            So yes I forgot to include the other dataset since I hadn't parsed it out yet from the original review. I *was* able to parse one row of the new dataset that I want to integrate into this viz and am waiting on the rest but thought I'd see if this small sample could help you in integrating it. The field value number is how we're connecting this dataset to the original using row number. Does that make sense?


            Here's a link to the incomplete dataset I'm trying to integrate. Really appreciate your help Jim.



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              Scott Macdonald

              Still looking for a solution on how to display the study data for each outcome. Here's the complete dataset with the study information for each state (outcome). As you can see, there's some repetitive info with the study info but I'm not sure how else to link it. I'd like to include all studies (Author, Title, Journal and PMID) in each bubble's tooltip but am not sure how to take this dataset and attach it to the associated bubble chart. Any help is greatly appreciated.



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                Scott Macdonald

                Hey Jim,


                So I re-read your message about not being able to see the dataset in the original workbook. Not sure why it didn't come through but here's a link to the same viz with the dataset included. Hope this helps.