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    Data Driven Parameters - Not able to see all values

    Ravi Teja Jagarapu

      We use some single select filters without All option on some of our dashboards. However, these values keep changing every month and if the value which is selected by default at the time of publishing is not present, the dashboard goes blank. We have to manually select the filter again and redeploy all the workbooks. I thought of addressing this issue using the data driven parameters so that when the value changes next time, the parameter will default to another value without we manually selecting.


      I am trying to replace a filter, say Population, with the data driven parameter.


      I created a parameter called population_param with all values, added the extension and set the base of my extension to population field. I created a calculated field called population_param = population and set it as true on the source sheet.  Initially, I see all population values in the parameter extension, but as soon as I select a population, he view gets filtered and now I can only see that particular value and no other values in the extension.


      Is this the expected behavior? Am I using the data driven parameters for the wrong use case? Can some one suggest what are some good use cases for data driven parameters and it would help if you can share some sample workbook?