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    Backgrounder process number 2 always goes on error


      We have Tableau Server 2018.3.0 64-bit Windows edition installed on a server with 8 core 2.3 Ghz.

      The Tableau Server is configured as single node so, based on this guide, we configured it to use 2 Backgrounder processes, as we have 8 cores.


      The problem is that 5-10 days after the Tableau Server restart, the Backgrounder process number 2 always goes on error. From TSM CLI it is in "Unavailable" status with the icon of red square with white exclamation point. With Tableau Sever in this state users and the administrator can still access to the system.


      Does anybody incurred in this error? How could I solve or what I could look at?


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          Mark McGhee

          Hi Nicola,


          Once Tableau Server is up and running, each individual process will write to its own log file.   If you capture a set of log files with the one Backgrounder process showing down, you could see if in fact both Backgrounder node log files are updating or if one is actually stopped.


          Can't say for certain but it *might* be the case if the server Tableau Server is running on has dual NIC cards it might be reporting the status in the interface incorrectly (even though the log file might show it actually processing).


          Troubleshoot Inconsistent Process Status - Tableau


          Another possible quick way to see if both Backgrounders are running would be to go the the Admin view "Background Tasks for Extracts".   Keep thinking in the the newer versions you can filter on the individual Backgrounder processes.

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