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    How to know if my tableau server has single node or multi-node configuration?

    Rajat Rao



      I am just starting out with Tableau server administration (our server admin was laid off, and I don't have a clue of what he did), never done any admin work in the past. Hence, I am overwhelmed and lost.


      We are currently on Tableau server version (10.5.3) running on a windows VM.


      First off, I am trying to figure out everything about the way the current server has been setup. Any thoughts on how I can go about it? I searched the community and found that tabsvc.yml will give me all there is to know about my current configuration such as was it a mult-node or single node etc.


      I have been able to reach here (C:\ProgramData\Tableau\Tableau Server\config\tabsvc.yml.) but I can't seem to find a way to open/view its contents. Is my approach correct in finding what I want to find ? will tabsvc.yml give me what I need? Plus, I read somewhere it is not recommended to edit that tabsvc.yml file manually, hence I haven't touched it yet. We don't even have a QA environment where I can test around things, any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!


      Thanks in advance.



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          Mark McGhee

          Hi Rajat,


          Tableau Server Administrators can use both the GUI as well as the command line to check on the system, make configuration changes, stop/restart the system etc.


          For versions 2018.1.x and below the command line tool is TabAdmin, for 2018.2.x and higher this changes over to TSM.    We do have free training videos available that are worthwhile and you can select the version that you're running.   The below link will take you to "10.5" videos section.  Near the bottom of the categories there is a "Deploy and Manage Tableau Server" with 4 videos tied to it.


          Tableau Training and Tutorials Archive


          The videos will cover this but given the version your organization is currently running it comes bundled with the "Tabdamin" command line tool.   To use this tool you would need to be on the Primary which if it's single node system there's only one place.   But it would basically involve changing to the bin directory.  For a default installation of Tableau Server the location would be as follows:


          C:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server\10.5\bin


          Then the "tabadmin status -v" command can be run at the prompt.   This will show all the nodes in the system, if they're running or not and what Tableau Server processes themselves are running on the nodes since for a multinode system it often makes sense to spread these out amongst the nodes.

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            Rajat Rao

            Thanks so much for your help Mark McGhee.


            I am sharing a screenshot of the result I got after running "tabadmin status -v" . can you please help me understand it ? does it mean I have a multi-node or single node setup?




            also, is there a link to some literature or something else you can provide where I can learn more on how to check the performance of my tab server? if its running out of resources? is it storage full? other configuration settings? Please let me know.


            additionally, could you also help me how I should check the contents tabsvc.yml and interpret it?


            I'd greatly appreciate if you can point in the right direction, Mark.


            - Rajat