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    Subscriptions only working for 3 users subscribed to a workbook

    Michael Kaminski

      I have several workbooks on our Tableau server that I have subscribed users to.  Whenever I subscribe more than 3 people, or a group that contains more than 3 people, the email notification/subscription will only go out to 3 people.  The server logs have been checked. Nothing wrong there. No errors or abnormalities.  The guys at Tableau help have even checked them!  And it is not a white list problem here at my company.  Maybe there is some setting, somewhere that I am missing?  I don't have access to the TSM software that my data architect installed the server with, but, I really don't think that there would be a problem in that regards.  I could be wrong?  Anyways, this issue has me stumped, and the folks at Tableau Help don't seemed to be concerned about it - its been 2 weeks since I've talked to them - I keep bugging them though.  Any ideas on what else I could look at to fix this issue?