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    Failing Tableau Alerts

    Atul Sawant



      Found a scenario where in have made an alert and have added one user as the Recipient (email id example : abc@gmail.in) and it is not working , but it's working for (.com) user.


      Is there a setting to be done .Tableau Server version is 10.5 Linux







      Even after this ,did not get any email for the same.


      PFA images for the same.Let me know if you need any more details here.

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          Hello Atul,


          This issue is most likely rooted in the SMTP server that is set up to send the emails or possibly a security setting in the network or email client preventing emails coming from the @gamil.in


          I would investigate this with your IT team.


          Hope this helps!



          Byrne, Patrick

          Community Manager

          Tableau Software