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    Date Add Calculation Status Change

    Vandana Samtani

      Hi Guys,


      I need your help in this request below -


      We received data by day for no of units sold by each part for different countries.

      The business wants to create a status field based on the date.


      Logic - If the part is launched then first 7 days the status will be new else Old.

      Every country has a different launch date and there is a possibility that we do not receive any data for consecutive 7 days.


      for Part 1 the launch was on 1/15 so the status will be New but after 7 days it should change to Old.

      Basically every week the business wants to look at new launches first and then old.


      Example 1



      Example 2


      For NZ part 1 was launched on 2/5 but there is no data on 2/7, 2/8, 2/9, 2/12. IT should not matter the status will change after 7 days of launch to Old on 2/13. Hope this helps.

      Part 2  -  Status will be new since it just got launched.



      Any suggestions will be very helpful.


      Thank you,