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    Scatter plot with 4 X/Y pairs (all an same X/Y axis)

    Steffen Rössler

      Hello all,


      i need your help. This week i participated a tableau training. But there was a open question for me. No one can give me answer.


      I want to show on my dashboard the position (x/y) of a glueing point. The positions come out of a camera system.

      For one type of glueing point there is no problem.

      I put P1_IstY and P1_IstX in the lines/columns, P1_Name in the tooltip an Identifier in the details


      But i do have 3 or 4 glueing points with seperat x/y positions. I want to show all points on the same X/Y axis.

      Every Point should have the Name in the tooltip


      How can i add

      P2_IstY, P2_IstX, P2_Name, P3_IstY, P3_IstX and P3_Name on the same Plot.


      Can anybody help me?


      Thank you!