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    Creating a percentage graph - dual axis

    Brent Evans

      Hi All,

      I tried attaching my workbook, but it's too large to upload. So, I'm attaching a couple of images in the hope that my question can be answered.


      I managed to create a dual axis chart using bar and line to differentiate between the two. I'm not having any luck trying to create a separate chart using the same information but changing the dual axis from whole numbers to percentages. It appears that I can create a percentage chart, but it follows the column for years..see % Table. I'd like to create a table that looks at individual years (rows). I've tried using the analysis functions under "Percentage of", but I can't seem to get it do what I want. I'm guessing I need to create a calculated field? Please forgive me, but I'm still learning the proper syntax for calculated fields and still haven't mastered how to create such a field. I hope this makes sense.


      Any help is appreciated.

      Dual Axis Recoveries.jpg% Table.jpg