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    Group records if below records are same

    Kaushik Dutta

      Kindly help me to overcome this functionality. I have data in the below format, all the steps is going to be performed one by one.



      Script NameStep NumberStep TeamStep Execution
      Script AStep   1APassed
      Script AStep  2APassed
      Script AStep   3CPassed
      Script AStep  4CPassed
      Script AStep   5CIn   Progress
      Script AStep  6ANot Started
      Script AStep   7HNot   Started
      Script AStep   8HNot Started


      You will see that Script A is right now in Step 5(i.e In Progress), all the above test are Passed.


      Output Needed

      Script AResultSteps Preformed Continiously
      CIn progress3
      ANot Started1
      HNot Started2


      The numbers is the Count of steps a team continously performing. We would like to show that A has finished and now C is currently doing their steps as Step 3 & Step 4 is passed and Step 5 is in progress we need to group C(Step 3-Step5)  and show as In Progress.

      And the next in line is again A with 1 step and H with 2 steps(again as H is doind 2 step we gonna group them and show as H not atarted 2 items).