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    Calculate different value with column reference

    Nur Bashri

      Hai, I have problem, I want to make something like this. Is there any idea what function calculated field in tableau (the green color)

      so there are two licensed number, I want to make one column to store different price with same licensed number for start price.



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          Prasanna R

          Hi Nur,


          You can do this using Table Calculations as described below. The Delta in Start Price is created using Tableau whereas "From Excel" is the value that you had given in your sample excel.



          The calculation is as shown below.


          You can do it with just drag and drop as well.


          1) Drag all the fields and measures that you need. Then right click on the Start Price to get the quick table calculation options - Choose 'Difference'. By default it will calculate the difference downward.


          2) Drag this new Sum(Start Price) with the small triangle (meaning its a table calculation) to the Measures pane. This will help you create the calculated field for you. Rename the field as you see fit. Lets call it Delta in Start Price



          3) You will notice that the name automatically changes in your Measure Value as well. Right click on the pill and select 'Edit Table calculation'.


          4) Click on 'Specific Dimension' and choose 'Licensed Number' in Restarting every option. This will restart to calculate the difference for every new license number.


          5) Now to make it perfect. Edit the calculation by adding ABS(ZN( in the front and 2 close brackets in the end. This will give you zero and remove the negative sign.

          Hope this helps.


          Best Regards



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