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    Calling all Tableau Experts - Trying to subtract sumproduct totals from each other.

    Mike Lowry


      Can someone help me subtract my assets vs liabilities in my "totals" worksheet (attached)?



      I have created a weighted average type of report; I was able to finish the report with all the correct numbers ("full report" worksheet), however, I'm stuck trying to subtract my grand totals, and it has to do with the fact that I'm doing complex calculations to mimic excels sum-product function.


      Report background: In short, different rows in my report use different calculations, and then I must sum them up using their original calculations aka the sumproduct feature in excel. I do these calculations in the 'Yield Final' calculated field.



      Additional Details:

      Below is a screenshot of the completed correct report, with the focus being on the Percentage column. (I've also attached the work book - refer to "Full Report" worksheet):



      (Note: I scrambled/encrypted all the data: text and numbers; so I apologize if the report really doesn't make sense.)



      From this full report, I created another worksheet called "Totals" which is basically a copy of the full report, with some exclusion and hiding of certain rows.

      It looks like this:



      All I'm trying to do, is be able to subtract the Assets and liabilities from each other in the totals worksheet; in this specific case it will be 1.23%-.33% result should be .9%.


      I'm struggling with this due to the way I created my calculations.


      I've tried various things such as the lookup() function with no avail.



      Any help would greatly be appreciated!