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    Create Burn Down Chart Using Addition and Subtraction Formulas?

    Matt Jastrow


      I am still fairly new to Tableau and I have been unable to figure how to build an accurate burn down chart with my data.


      I have a list of hardware assets that I need to add and subtract based on two different factors, Location and Physical/Virtual.  I need to be able to show a burn down chart or at least a volume chart based on these factors. The problem I am running into is understanding how to build a calculated field that performs the necessary addition and subtraction for the appropriate fields based on a Date field.


      I need to show an asset currently listed as Physical in Room 4 moving to Virtual in Room 1 at the date given in the Migration Date field.  So, as an example, on January 1, 2020 Server 1 needs to be subtracted from SUM(Number of Records) for Room 4-Physical and be added to Room 1-Virtual.


      I started out by creating calculated fields for the “New” Location and “New” Physical/Virtual status. The formulas are listed below.


      New Location1

      IF [Modified Description] = "Decommission" THEN "N/A"

      ELSEIF [Location] = "Room 1" THEN "Room 1"

      ELSEIF [Location] = "Room 4" THEN "Room 4"

      ELSEIF [Location] = "Room 4" AND [Modified Description] = "Virtualize and Migrate (Closing Room)" THEN "Room 1"

      ELSEIF [Location] = "Room 4" AND [Physical/Virtual] = "Physical" AND [Modified Environment] = "ICRS" OR [Modified Environment] = "Big Data" OR [Modified Environment] = "ICRS LAB" OR [Modified Environment] = "Corp/IDXCORP" OR [Modified Environment] = "Prod/IDXPROD" OR [Modified Environment] = "INT" THEN "Room 1"



      New Physical/Virtual1

      IF [Modified Description] = "Decommission" THEN "N/A"

      ELSEIF  [Modified Description] = "Virtualize (Non-Closing Room)" OR [Modified Description] = "Virtualize and Migrate (Closing Room)" AND [Physical/Virtual] = "Physical" THEN "Virtual"

      ELSEIF [Location] = "Room 4" AND [Physical/Virtual] = "Physical" AND [Modified Environment] = "Lab" THEN "Virtual"

      ELSEIF [Physical/Virtual] = "Physical" THEN "Physical"

      ELSEIF [Physical/Virtual] = "Virtual" THEN "Virtual"



      Hopefully that all makes sense. Sample Data and twbx file attached.


      Thank you in advance!