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    Tableau Online-Data refresh not updating dashboard

    Amado Martinez

      Hi everyone,


      We have a dashboard in Tableau Online that is being fed from an extract coming in from AWS Redshift. The data in redshift updates in real time. I have set up a daily extract refresh in Tableau Online to run every day at 12 am.


      However, the refresh schedule does not update the original data extract or the dashboard, although I have had this scheduler turned on for 3 days straight, the data extract continues to show a last update date of Monday 02/11, the date when I originally published the dashboard to Tableau online .


      I have also tried to manually update the data source, but all I get is a "1 Extract has been queued to run" message, and nothing happens. My data source does not update and my dashboard continues to show data as of Monday 02/11.


      Does anyone have any suggestions? I have tried searching various messages and boards, but no answers seem to help.


      thank you,